5 Birthday Party Balloon Centerpieces Inspired By Disney Films


Hosting a Disney-themed birthday party is a common tradition for many boys and girls. These parties often have themes and decorations based directly off popular films from their animated collection. If you're planning a Disney-themed birthday party, one way to really make decorations stand out is with balloon centerpieces. These crafted balloon designs can become the focal point of the party and really help set the mood for a fun celebration. Instead of just featuring foil balloons with logos on them, you can purchase balloon centerpieces with complete designs related to Disney films. The following five design ideas are based upon both newer and classic Disney releases. Browse through each idea and see how you can use them with the birthday party you are planning.

Finding Nemo

One of the more thrilling scenes in the film Finding Nemo comes when Dory and Marlin must navigate their way through a school of dangerous jellyfish. You can showcase this theme with a jellyfish balloon centerpiece. A centerpiece like this would feature large blue balloons bunched together. Blue streamers would be attached to the bottom of the balloon and hang freely to represent the tentacles. Marlin can be represented with a small orange balloon while Dory is represented with a small blue balloon. When the centerpiece is structured high above the table, the jellyfish balloons have a real nice visual effect as the streamers hang to the table below. The bottom of the centerpiece can feature additional sea designs like shells.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney's classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas skillfully blends Halloween and Christmas into an enjoyable romp. One of the main highlights of the film is journey of Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town. If your child loves this movie, then you can easily have a balloon centerpiece that's inspired by Jack. Featuring a white balloon for his skull and long black balloons to reflect the body, the design is a great way to add a spooky theme to a birthday party. Additional balloons can be added to represent pumpkins or other characters from the film.

101 Dalmatians

Not only are Disney themes popular for children's birthday parties, but dog themes are popular as well. Mix the best of both worlds together with balloon centerpieces based off the animated classic 101 Dalmatians. Representing this film is easy by ordering a centerpiece that has white balloons with black polka dots all over them. Fitting as many balloons as possible into a single centerpiece is the best way to represent the large group of dogs featured in the movie. You can also pair the centerpiece with a spotted table cloth to help continue the theme.


In Disney and Pixar's UP, balloons are a huge part of the film. Carl Fredricksen uses thousands of balloons to literally float his house off the ground and convert it into a traveling device. Balloon centerpieces inspired by this film should include an array of colors, all bunched together and tied to a small weight at the center of table. If possible, the design can look more effective with a small house placed on the center of each table.


Represent the snowy world of Frozen with a centerpiece inspired by the character Olaf. Three white balloons can easily be attached together to create a design based off the snowman. A small orange balloon can also be used Olaf's nose. Long balloons with white and light blue colors can represent the snow and ice powers that Elsa has. The balloons can be twisted and formed to create arches and fun shapes for the table design.

Contact centerpiece design companies or an online balloon supplier like BalloonacyOnline.com to help plan out your birthday decorations. Use images or video clips from the Disney movies to help showcase designs that you want created.


26 May 2016

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